How to upload media from frontend in wordpress

Install and activate the “Frontend Uploader” plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
Configure the plugin settings by going to “Frontend Uploader” in your WordPress dashboard.
Customize the upload form options, such as allowed file types, maximum file size, and additional fields if needed.
Create a new page where users will access the frontend media uploader. Go to “Pages” in your WordPress dashboard and click on “Add New”.
On the page editor, add a shortcode provided by the Frontend Uploader plugin. This shortcode typically looks like [fe_upload_form].
Publish or update the page.
Visit the newly created page on the frontend of your website. You should see an upload form where users can select files and upload media.
Once users submit the form, the media files will be uploaded to your WordPress media library and made available for further use on your site.

Please note that the steps provided are a general guideline for using the Frontend Uploader plugin. The process may vary depending on the specific plugin you choose or if you opt for custom development. Always consult the plugin’s documentation or seek assistance from a developer for more detailed instructions.

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